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gado gado balinese cooking class

Wheather Balinese food is your favorite one or cooking is your hobby or maybe just curiosity. There is no better way to learn Balinese cooking than once you are in Bali and taking a Balinese cooking course, taught by qualified Balinese professional. Gado Gado Cooking School is an ideal home-style learning environment that is different from most of the hotel and restaurants in Bali.

Come and join us to make your next vacation a culinary adventure and learn essential skills and techniques the secrets of the authentic Balinese cuisine. This is the ultimate food experience you will have in Bali. We proudly will lead you to make the preparation of all menus for our cooking program.

The cooking class starts with visiting a Gianyar traditional market (the second biggest market in Bali), where you can explore all kind of spices, ingredients that used for cooking Balinese food and it is also a good chance to know more about social life of Balinese.

gado gadobalinese cooking class

Upon the arrival at Temesi village our family will welcome you and explain about the background of Balinese cooking tradition in relation with tradition, culture, religion. Our cooking class program is realy very different compared with other cooking companies. We do not just show you how to cook Balinese food but also tell you philosophy. And guaranty you can see us with lovely family.

For those who are really interested in exploring secrets of Balinese food, it is recommended for those who have Restaurant, Chef, Food lover to join this program. You will have a great insight into the Balinese tradition in cooking, eating habits of the Balinese people.

Our traditional kitchen is a part of Balinese house compound where you will enjoy your day with fun with Chef Wayan and his assistant are friendly, enthusiastic will assist you to step by step to make Balinese cooking and sharing of their knowledge of Balinese food.

For sure,the best learning happens when you try the recipes yourself. Most hand-on program will offer a burner, cutting board and knife for each participant. This allows you to prepare the entire recipe and eat your own creation.

After finish all of your program if you have interest to visit and teach the kinds for English program at Yayasan Masa Depan (Bali Kids Future Foundation) www.yayasan-masadepan.com


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